Game Review: Beyond Two Souls

Tuesday, 6th February 2018             How's it shaken bacon?   I played Beyond: Two Souls relatively recently. I know I'm particularly late to the party. Extremely late. But I wanted to share my opinions in a relatively spoiler free review. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum (in case anyone hasn't … Continue reading Game Review: Beyond Two Souls


Things Have to Change.

Hey guys, Recently at my place of employment - which I'm not going to name - has been going through some dramatic upheaval. The store has been barely open a year and, again, for a third time a manager is gone. I bet you can imagine the sort of upheaval and changes from one change … Continue reading Things Have to Change.


How's it shaken, bacon?   I've never really been one to have nightmares. I can't remember any nightmares from before the age of, I want to say about 23. Further, in the last 2 (almost 3) years since turning 23, I can only remember having about three to five (two of which I think barely … Continue reading Nightmares!

New Year!!!!

Monday, 1st January 2017 How's it shaken' bacon? Still, just about New Years day, at least in my neck of the woods. Last year, like many years in the past I didn't do anything different. Typical, right? Every year I tell myself I'm gonna actually be productive... but every year, it's a lie. A dirty, … Continue reading New Year!!!!