How’s it shakin’ bacon?


Blog number one. Yay! Party time! I’ve wanted to start writing in a blog for a long time and now I’m finally doing it, all while admittedly wondering: what am I going to blog about? Needless to say, this has been a bit of a dilemma, I have had no idea what to write about and then it occurred to me: what if I write about things I do? Therein lies the problem – I literally do nothing. Seriously! So maybe this blog can be the tool I need to motivate myself to do things I’ve never done before, or things I haven’t done in a while. All while challenging myself and doing something I’ve wanted to do for months.


If I’m to blog about things I do, then I’ll need to do things. So I got thinking: Marzia Bisognin, she has her monthly notes; 3 things she, at the beginning of each month decides to do and she vlogs her journey towards achieving those three things. What would be to stop me, or anyone else doing something similar? There are 15 days left in June, 15 days that I can use to complete three tasks.Those three tasks will be:

  1. Go to the Gym: It’s no secret – I’m obese, so this is something I need to tackle. I shall be posting updates here on a regular basis, detailing how weight loss is or is not going. Maybe this will motivate me to actually do things to lose weight.
  2. Decide what kind of Video’s I want to Upload to YouTube: I’ve been watching people like Jacksepticeye and Marzia and numerous others YouTube any chance I get. I love it! Watching these videos got me thinking: could I do that too? Before I start I need to know what kind of video I want to upload.
  3. Take a day trip Fota: While I’ve been to Fota recently, I want to go there again. It’s an amazing place to visit and a great place to spend the day with friends. So, I plan to invite a friend to go to Fota and have fun.

At the end of the month I shall post a blog detailing (hopefully with photographic evidence) that I have actually done what I set out to do!


Warm hugs,



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