Saturday sparked a relatively impromptu adventure: Cork Summer Show! My parabatai (best friend) asked if I’d be interested in going and I said I’d love to! I also thought: hey, maybe I could make a blog about it?


Tickets were €13 for a student and €15 for an adult non-student he show had a lot to offer from animal areas to trade stands, a vintage rally (which sounds really cool) and even a fun fair and amusements. We saw some amazing things when we got in! Handmade walking sticks! A train made of bales of hay! Much cool, very awesome!



Eventually we made our the horse show rings and the warm up area (for the horses) and the horse shoeing area. There were inter county competitions for jumping, a relay race and a competition to see who could shoe a horse fastest. Whomsoever ‘made’ the shoe and put it on the horse in the fastest time won. Interesting, huh? I’d never actually seen the process before. It seemed both longer and shorter than I had imagined. But, hey, all I’d had to go on before was Black Beauty and that wasn’t the center of my attention at the time. Next we went to the numerous animal stalls with owls, alpacas – ALPACAS! – ducks and, actually quite a selection of other animals – it was so cool!


Before getting food we headed to the see the vintage cars and we saw this and I wanted to share it, because it’s just so awesome.


There were so many awesome vintage cars! My knowledge of cars is extremely limited, however, I do acknowledge and admire the beauty of a vintage car. I got a few nice photographs (my favorite was the 1913 Royce). Very cool!


Eventually we went to eat: fries (chips) and chicken dippers. Unfortunately it began to drizzle while we ate – outside! – but that was okay, we got to watch a really cool band (no idea what their called), who played some really cool ’80’s music!



After eating we walked around – exploring the giant field filled to the brim with much stuff before going home. Despite the definite lack of sun (it wasn’t by any means cold) I got sunburned! How? On top of that it was just across my forehead and across my chest. Good day, would day again!


Warm hugs,


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