Adventure 1: Go to Fota

On Friday the 24th of June 2016, I went to Fota Wildlife Park. Such a cool place! I may have taken a load of pictures. Decided on going in the morning – places like Fota are usually pretty quiet on weekday mornings.

We got the train to Fota and wandered around the ‘recommended route’ Fota had set out and as expected it was pretty quiet (no complaints there though). Fota Wildlife Park is full of pretty open spaces for all the animals that inhabit the land. They have peacocks, penguins and cheetahs and a whole tropical section with butterflies. We took the recommended route through the park and strolled through what is essentially the ‘main area’ first. There were so many animals and birds!

About half way through the route we went into the gift shop to see what they had in store, visiting the gift shop is some what of a tradition now. I took a few too many pictures, me thinks. But there are so many awesome things in the shop, how could I not take pictures?


My favorite place however, was the Tropical area. It housed butterflies, snakes, frogs and an abundance of fish. It was almost unbearably hot in there – but it was worth it and so cool! Aside from the animals the room looked stunning with the foliage and the butterflies fluttering around. Awesome!


Overall it was a wonderful day, the weather wasn’t bad either – actually it was great. Can’t wait to go again. Maybe they’ll have the lions next time too. They had a lion enclosure, but – there didn’t seem to be any lions. In the meantime, some random photos I took at Fota! Yay-ness for random photos!



Until next time!

Warm hugs,



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