Beauty Haul!

Yesterday I went shopping. I’m not generally one for buying make up. Does this even count as a haul? Probably not. Haha. I’m a doof with make up, so it was quite the experience. It was when I realized I had no foundation left I decided I needed to get some things. So, I just wanted to briefly introduce those things here. I think I detect a video opportunity on the horizon? Once I’ve had a chance to use them I think maybe I can give an opinion or whatever. The things I got today were from Boots and Tesco. Very much high street! Actually, is Rimmel even high street? I presume it is. I dunno… See I’m a doof.


The things I purchased were from Boots and Tesco. I think I got a few own brand items from the shops. I’m gonna start with the Tesco.

So far I’ve used the Dove cream and the goahead bars… not together, that’d be weird and disgusting. The cream smells great and my skin felt very smooth after, I used it last night and so far so good. Yayness! The bars are forest fruit and are nice. They’re probably loaded with sugar but I enjoyed them, I wanted some sort of alternative to buying chocolate and I think they were a worthwhile purchase. I haven’t used anything else yet. Perhaps once I’ve had the opportunity to use the rest of the items there’ll be an opportunity for a YouTube video on the topic. Yay.


I used the moose last night and I like it. I’m looking forward to using the other products. To clarify the pink tube is a ‘lipstick’ and the tube with the orange cover is a concealer. Neither of which I’ve used yet. I really liked the colour of the lipstick and I look forward to sharing more about these products with you in the not so distant future.


Until next time, warm hugs!



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