Chocolate Mug Cake

21st July 2016

How’s it shakin’ bacon?

Today, I realized I haven’t posted a blog in close on two weeks. Shock, horror! *faints* and because I’ve been so missed on here I decided I’d say something. Today I decided I wanted to try something. The house is quiet – because everyone is out so I wanted to conduct an experiment. A food experiment! I did use a recipe and you can find it here if you want to try it out!


I looked up cake… because CAKE! Something I’ll enjoy, something I’ll want to eat again. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but was pretty close. It’s not too difficult… mix ingredients, put in mug, put in microwave… yay!

I used these:

Youll need

Side Note: I forgot to include the honey here. Also the recipe asks for Baking Soda (or was it powder?) what I had was out of date, so I didn’t use it.

Here’s what I did:

Step 1: Beat the Egg!

Step 1 Beat Egg

Step 2: Mash the Banana!

Step 2 Mash Banana


Step 3: Add the Cocoa Powder

Step 3 Add Cocoa Powder

I used Bournville drinking chocolate powder. I used 3 desert spoons of it, don’t think that’s what the recipe asked for but… close enough.


Step 4: Add the Flour!

Step 4 Add Flower

I think I used 2 desert spoons of flour, as opposed to the (I think) recommended 2 tablespoons


Step 5: Add the honey

Step 5 Add honey

I think I may have added 2 spoons (what size… I don’t know… desert spoons probably)


Step 6: Add Vanilla Extract

Step 6 Add Vanilla Extract

One whole cap full – how exciting!


Step 7: Add the milk and banana!

Step 7 add all ingrediengs together

Very nice!


All that’s left to do is mix and put it in the microwave!


And lastly, time to enjoy that cake!

Step 9 Enjoy!


When I tried it, it was a bit rubbery… I think that may be down to the banana. But I think apple sauce in place of the banana is meant to turn out better. Or something else entirely. Not sure how much to use, but next time I might try that. I’ll leave an update when I do though. Either way though, it’s a nice and quick idea for a desert and I think it’d be nice with ice cream or cream. Nice easy desert there.


Until next time, warm hugs!


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