September Adventures!!!

Thursday, 1st September 2016

How’s it shakin’ bacon?


As an entire failure of a human being I’ve done virtually nothing for another month. As always, this month will be different, I vow to be less lazy and work on something that is not procrastination. (If not I’m sure I’ll find a willing volunteer to give me a kick up the ass).


  1. Fitzgeralds Park: Fitzgeralds Park is a public park in Cork City with a museum on it’s grounds and I really want to go there at least once during the month of September. It’s a very nice place.
  2. Blackrock Castle & Observatory: I can’t ever remember being here and I know very little about the place. Might be fun!
  3. Walk or Cycle Frequently: I’m forever intending to do more exercise and I never actually do it. So, this month I want to set a goal of taking around 10,000 steps (hopefully) daily by the end of the month.


Until Next Time, Warm Hugs



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