Christmas Shopping

Friday, 9th December 2016


How’s it shakin’ bacon?

Christmas is a time of year when one might imagine things would be gradually calming down, but nope – instead everything get’s much more intense: work, school, Christmas Shopping and any other responsibilities. Such a crazy time of year! Gift shopping for people can be extremely hard, everyone knows one person who’s neigh on impossible to shop for. Right now, I hope to provide some suggestions for Christmas gifts, to make that shopping experience a little easier.


First off, the bookworms (or the majestic book-unicorns). Maybe a E-Reader would be right up their alley? Amazon has some pretty good offers on Kindles. Or perhaps a book? Or a whole series? In that case Book Depository is a great place to look! The books are generally a little cheaper than in store, shipping to a lot of countries is free (check here for more information) – I’d thoroughly recommend The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments and anything written by John Green. There are so many choices on the Book Depository site, there’ll surely be something for any book-unicorn.


Is there a gamer you’re shopping for? There are so many options – for instance a gift card for (a website where one can purchase computer games). If you know a specific game they’d like – it’s possible to send them a game (you’ll need to create an account and be friends with them). If they’ve a console then perhaps a specific game for that? Perhaps Until Dawn, The Wolf Among us or even Batman: The Telltale series. I’ve heard all games are good. I’ve also heard Just Cause is a good game. There’s also the possibility of a VR (Virtual Reality) Headset for some consoles.


For the techie, perhaps a camera, a new computer or laptop or a tablet. If they have a tablet then perhaps a keyboard for the tablet? Maybe a lens for their camera? Or a pocket projector? Yeah, they’re a thing. Or perhaps thermal heated insoles?


For those who love beauty products or fashion perhaps they’d enjoy something from Zoella’s shop or perhaps Marzia’s shop? Alternatively Asos has an abundance of great choices for these people.


Lastly, that person who’s just impossible to shop for. To say the least, these people are, in my opinion the hardest to shop for – a lot of the time they’ve no particular interests, are not particularly interested in anything and have no specific desires for Christmas gifts (some even going as far as declaring the want nothing or don’t really care). Perhaps one of the above suggestions would suit the person? Or perhaps a gift set? Cash? A gift voucher/card? (Probably feels like a cop out though, right?). Or perhaps even a trip of some sorts? Maybe a day trip to a place they like? Or a longer holiday to somewhere new? There’s always the option of a day at a spa?


There are so many options and if you’re still looking for ideas, I hope this helps a little. If you’re like me then you’re probably desperately searching for ideas for gifts.


Until next time, warm hugs


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