Friday, 21st April 2017


I’ve been thinking and planning, a lot in some – perhaps futile – attempt to decide the future of this blog. Should I even bother? Is it enough as it is? Can I consistently deliver something worthy of the time of people who read it? Truth is, I don’t know. I’ve got so many plans and ideas and I feel clueless about seeing those plans through. I don’t know if I can deliver a thoughtful post today or tomorrow, or in fact ever. Am I simply a lazy writer who is satisfied to publish whatever I set to ‘paper’? Is that satisfactory? Should I be satisfied with some occasional haphazard blog posts to keep this blog alive and floating? No, I can do better than that and I must. I tell myself I want to write, but if I’m to do that I need to be more considerate of what I write and dedicate the necessary time and effort. But how? How do I make that effort? How will I ever know it’s enough? Or worthy? Can I ever be worth… this? I don’t know.

In the past I would have decided to quit before even starting. I would have decided that I can’t do it anyway, so why bother. If I know I’m going to fail, why bother? But I know that’ll get me nowhere – I don’t know if I’ll fail unless I try, really try and even if I do, I can learn from that experience. So, I guess this is my vow, my vow to try – to put the time and effort into these posts. Because I want them to mean something – to be thoughtful and entertaining, not lazy and boring. I want to write, to write something worth the time people spend on reading it because time is valuable and limited.

Anyway, until next time, warm hugs,



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