Christmas Volunteering Opportunities

Friday, 1st December 2017


How’s it shakin’, bacon?


So, it’s December and that means we’re well on our way to Christmas. I want to start off by giving a link to a television commercial for the Saint Vincent De Paul (sorry!). There are far too many people who don’t have the bare minimum – don’t have a home, or who don’t know when they’ll get to eat next, can’t heat their home or have no electricity – ultimately people who can’t look after their physiological needs. I know I’m guilty of forgetting this. I’m in a fortunate position – I have everything I need and more – and not everyone is as lucky.


I feel like at this time of year it’s so easy to forget others – and I’m so guilty of this. I want this year to be different, I want to remember that there are so many people around who can’t afford to heat their house – and many who don’t have a home at all. There are people sleeping rough, in the cold of winter. You might be wondering: what can I do about this?


This time of year a lot of charities are under pressure to provide for the most vulnerable people in our society. People, I have often forgotten. I want this post to be a reminder to people that people are homeless. Sorry to start off the month on a relatively depressing topic. But I feel this is an important place to start because we can make a difference to someone. By giving time. Maybe by visiting a lonely neighbour, giving a meal to someone who wouldn’t otherwise have one, giving time or money to a charity, giving toys to children or assistance buying Christmas presents to a family who would otherwise miss out. There are so many ways to help people this Christmas.


So, this Christmas (and hopefully beyond) I want to find a way to actively help others. My big question is: who’s with me?


Until next time,