Bucket List!

Tursday, 25th May 2017



How’s it shakin’ bacon?


I feel like everyone has some sort of bucket list, whether or not it’s intentional or not. We all want to do things and have experiences to look back on, right? So I thought why not make my own little official bucket list. A small one.


  1. Travel – I have a giant list of places I want to travel to. I think it probably deserves a post of it’s own. Haha!
  2. Live outside Ireland for at least one year
  3. Swim with dolphins
  4. Rock climbing – actual rock climbing
  5. Feed sharks
  6. Go skydiving – as terrifying as this sounds it’d really be quite the adventure (and a good story too!)
  7. Zip lining
  8. Go on a date
  9. Donate Clothing
  10. See a ‘play’ on Broadway
  11. Write & Publish a Novel
  12. Learn to use Chopsticks
  13. See a ballet
  14. Get a tattoo
  15. Participate in a 5K race
  16. Go to an aquarium
  17. Visit a pyramid
  18. Go on a Road Trip
  19. Be an extra in a movie
  20. Attend a Masquerade


Is any of this even achievable? I guess we’ll see! Any suggested additions? What’s on your bucket list?


Until next time, warm hugs!


A Day at Fota Wildlife Park

12th May 2017

How’s it shakin’ bacon?

I went to Fota on the 10th! I know I’ve a post months ago about Fota, but I couldn’t help posting another one. Fota is located on an island off the coast of Cork, Ireland. On the island is Ireland’s only wildlife park and there is also a house and gardens and there is an island resort.


I got a new camera recently. A nice swanky camera. So, going to Fota was an excellent opportunity for me to test drive the camera. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Hahaha! Aside from that, the Lions had arrived at Fota – and I was super excited about that and there was a baby giraffe!


There are so many birds at Fota (there was even a sunbathing crow). There was also quite the collection of Ostrich eggs.


The tropical house was one of my favorite areas. It was so hot in there though – I’m sure I was sweating before I left.

I really just wanted to show off the photos I’d taken on my new camera. Honestly, for a noob I think their not too bad. Maybe… kinda.

Until next time, warm hugs,


November Adventures!!!

Tuesday, 1st November 2016


How’s it shakin’ bacon?


November already! How the hell did the year go by so quickly? What happened!?! With nothing to report for the month of October I figure it’s time to delve into the discussing the goals or adventures to achieve for November 2016. As per usual there will be three. I wanted to think of something I could easily discuss in a post, with something to show for my actions. Am I gonna succeed? Probably not. *coughs* Yes, definitely! Yep, yup, yip… totally.


  1. Eat Better: Over the process of the month, I want to make better food choices, I want to eat healthier.
  2. Read More: I love reading, but I don’t spend enough time actually reading. So, that is going to have to change immediately!
  3. Exercise: Well, for any healthy lifestyle exercise is important. Very important, so I’m going to set up an exercise plan (and follow it).


Over the course of the month, I do believe we’ll see what happens. Heh. Side note, now that it’s November, I’m totally okay with thinking and/or talking about Christmas.


Until next time, warm hugs


October Adventures!!!

30th September 2016

How’s it shakin’ bacon?

It’s the end of September. 2016 is absolutely flying! But I’ve been thinking, what do I need to do this month? What sort of ‘adventures’ can I undertake? Realistically. This month there are a few things I want need to do. This year was meant to be a year of doing, a year of change and achieving things I should have done long ago. So, it hasn’t been that. But in the three months left of 2016, I can start – it’s not too late. So, with that noted, I have decided that these will be my aims for the month:

  1. Weight loss: I am forever putting off losing weight, but I can’t do that any more. Not changing things now – while I can and before things get any worse, now is the time – I need to act. So, I am going to set out a plan and a target for October.
  2. Start Driving: I haven’t driven in ages – and I need to get behind the wheel again and start driving regularly. I hope that by the end of October, that will be made a reality.
  3. Take up a sport: I want to do something fun and active. Sport is active and engaging in a sport is much more fun than passively watching it. Never thought I’d say that!


Until next time, warm hugs



25th September 2016

How’s it shakin’ bacon?

I felt the need to address an error in particular choices for these adventures I intend to actually complete: I’m not prioritizing or making choices that are particularly smart and potentially not feasible in my current situation, so while they may be things I want to do, it seems some of the things might not be possible right now, so as of October, I shall start anew with a better system of carrying out these ‘adventures’ in a meaningful and more feasible manner.

Secondly to that, I want to post content more often – not just of one type of topic – but multiple topics, I particularly like the notion of sharing knowledge and information I gain on my journey through this ridiculous existence that is my life. As such, I’m hoping that October will bring better, more regular content that will be informative and enjoyable.

Until next time, warm hugs!

Adventure One: Fitzgerald’s Park

Thursday, 22nd September 2016

How’s it shakin’ bacon?


On Tuesday (20th September) I went to Fitzgerald’s Park (yay!). I think I spent about an hour there. I even went into the Public Museum (I fully intend to visit said museum again to spend more time there) and perhaps go to the park more often to walk around.


The contents of Museum were all relating to Irish history, like the 1916 rising. There were samples of clothing and other memorabilia of past times and it extended to an upper floor. I legitimately just ‘flew’ through the place – I didn’t really stay long enough to get as much as I’d have liked out of it, which is a great warrant for a repeat visit. I know the post is short, but perhaps sometime in the coming weeks I’ll be able to post a more detailed description of the contents of the museum.


Until Next time, warm hugs,


September Adventures!!!

Thursday, 1st September 2016

How’s it shakin’ bacon?


As an entire failure of a human being I’ve done virtually nothing for another month. As always, this month will be different, I vow to be less lazy and work on something that is not procrastination. (If not I’m sure I’ll find a willing volunteer to give me a kick up the ass).


  1. Fitzgeralds Park: Fitzgeralds Park is a public park in Cork City with a museum on it’s grounds and I really want to go there at least once during the month of September. It’s a very nice place.
  2. Blackrock Castle & Observatory: I can’t ever remember being here and I know very little about the place. Might be fun!
  3. Walk or Cycle Frequently: I’m forever intending to do more exercise and I never actually do it. So, this month I want to set a goal of taking around 10,000 steps (hopefully) daily by the end of the month.


Until Next Time, Warm Hugs