How's it shaken, bacon?   I've never really been one to have nightmares. I can't remember any nightmares from before the age of, I want to say about 23. Further, in the last 2 (almost 3) years since turning 23, I can only remember having about three to five (two of which I think barely … Continue reading Nightmares!


Back to College!!!

Thursday, 18th January 2018   How's it shaken, bacon?   This is my first week of college of the semester and I goofed. So, I had a lecture at 12 yesterday and, which I went to. If 'went' can be defined as me going to the entirely wrong room (in my defence I was in … Continue reading Back to College!!!

New Year!!!!

Monday, 1st January 2017 How's it shaken' bacon? Still, just about New Years day, at least in my neck of the woods. Last year, like many years in the past I didn't do anything different. Typical, right? Every year I tell myself I'm gonna actually be productive... but every year, it's a lie. A dirty, … Continue reading New Year!!!!


Friday, 1st September 2017   How is it September already? I'm certain my laziness has reached new heights! On the plus side should anyone need a professional procrastinator, I'm your woman! Or am I? Would I end up procrastinating my way out of it? Hmm... *shrugs*   I've been thinking a lot about what sort … Continue reading Howdy!

Bucket List!

Tursday, 25th May 2017   How's it shakin' bacon?   I feel like everyone has some sort of bucket list, whether or not it's intentional or not. We all want to do things and have experiences to look back on, right? So I thought why not make my own little official bucket list. A small … Continue reading Bucket List!

Release Day!!!

Tuesday, 23rd of May 2017 How's it shakin' bacon? Today, Lord of Shadows (Cassandra Clare) has been released! I'm super excited to get my hands of a copy of the book and to sink my teeth into the series (I've yet to read Lady Midnight). If you're interested in purchasing a copy (if you've not done … Continue reading Release Day!!!

Book Depository

12th of May 2017 How's it shakin' bacon?   I've recently become an affiliate with Book Depository. Book Depository is an online store where one can buy books... So call me Captain Obvious! Anyway, I use this site quite regularly. They've a huge selection of books to buy from, I find their prices are lower … Continue reading Book Depository